Wednesday, October 13, 2010

WMM conference

Allan and Teresa Sawyer - Kudjip volunteers
4 years ago, while attending World Medical Missions's Prescription for Renewal conference, I met Dr. Jim Radcliffe and the process of me going to PNG to serve got started.  This past weekend I got a chance to attend the WMM's annual conference in Asheville, NC.  The conference seeks to promote medical missions and tries to excite people about the opportunities available to them.  From the postresidency program to short term opportunities.
Megan and Dane Barrett - 1st yr residents

I got to see old friends, new friends, and meet new people.  Volunteers, both current and past, to Kudjip regularly attend the conference, so it was great to see them on this side of the ocean.  I got to share some pictures of the new hospital with a few volunteers who are retired and no longer able to come.  A resident couple who I knew from SMI (Summer Medical Institute) was there, so it was fun to reconnect with them.  I also got to talk to some residents who are just interested in missions in general and answer questions and share my experiences with them.  I also made some connections for Kudjip, meeting an oncologist who is willing to help us as well as a pediatric cardiologist who is willing to come over to teach us how to do echos on kids.

Other than meeting folks, I also got to hear some great stories by a missionary John Bechtel and some teaching by John MacArthur.  I also saw my poster.  My first year out in PNG, a photographer for WMM came to PNG.  Shortly thereafter, WMM made some new promotional material for the postresidency program and since they had these great professional shots of me in PNG, I was chosen to represent the program in various forms of media.  So here is a pic of me and my poster.  I also got to talk with a lot of the WMM folks who have been supporting me in prayer and doing all the work behind the scenes for me while I was in PNG.  It was definitely a good weekend.