Monday, November 9, 2015

Station Crusade


This past week we had a NHM Station Crusade here at the Field Office.  This year, our staff have all had an opportunity to attend a retreat at a nearby Camp.  Those weekends were a huge encouragement to our staff with many rededicating their lives to Christ or becoming Christians for the first time.  This week we had a chance to worship together.  Each station group was given a chance to do a special item.  The Project guys who have been building some of our houses, were really honored for the chance to be a part of the crusade and to do a special item.  They prepared 3 songs, not wanting to miss the chance they had to be up front.  It was encouraging to see their love for the Lord shine forth.  Throughout the Crusade we had nightly services, a baptism for those who had never been baptized or for folks who had come to Christ through the year, and then we ended with a Sunday morning service and Communion.  The week was a good time of community and fellowship and worshiping and serving God together.  

The evening services were pretty late for many kids, many still came and just slept throughout, but the Sunday morning service was a perfect time for the kids.  Miles and Simeon were entertaining themselves with their cars, but these 2 PNG boys kept watching them all service long.  The boys finally got the courage to walk over and check out what Miles and Simeon were doing, and so for the last 15 minutes or so of the service they played cars together, which they all seemed to really enjoy.