Friday, April 17, 2020

PNG Church

Last month, before lockdown happened, I got to go to a "bush church" with some of the other missionaries.  A bush church, is any church off Kudjip Station.  I don't often go to bush churches, as it always requires a man to go with me, and requires more planning than just going to church on station by myself, but these 2 Sundays were nice.

Jordan preached at the first service about the need for forgiveness.  Many people responded to his message, some even coming up and asking him for forgiveness.   During the service, his boys were being entertained by a game, and this little PNG girl was quite interested in what they were doing, which was pretty cute.

The 2nd week, I got to walk to a church about 5 miles away with some of the volunteers who were visiting with us.  We enjoyed a beautiful morning, the scenery around us and the PNGians that we saw along the way.  The church was pretty surprised when we showed up, but were very happy to have us.  They normally do their service in Tok Ples (which is the language of the Ples or village, which isn't something that any of us understood), but the Pastor for the day, was able to do it in both Pidgin and Tok Ples, so we were able to listen as well, which was nice.

It was fun to be with our PNG neighbors and to worship together.  As was said numerous times, the color of our skin doesn't matter, we are all brothers and sisters in the Lord, which is so true.

Coronavirus has certainly broken down any sort of differences between us in the world.  Age, skin color, wealth are no barriers to this virus, just as they are no barriers to God's love for His people.    May all of us find joy and peace despite the unknowns surrounding us these days.