Friday, November 6, 2020

Heading back to Kudjip

I have been in the US for the past almost 3 months for a delayed Home Assignment from May.  Home Assignment is a balance of connecting with churches and supporters and finding ways to be renewed and refreshed in order to serve again for another term.  With all the added stress Covid has had on serving overseas, the time at home seemed more needed that most HAs.  I have found that being outside in God's creation helps in my renewal and refreshing and so while home, I look for opportunities to do just that.  Thankfully, I don't have to look or go very far, as my home base is my sister's house and their 40 acres gives me lots of opportunities to be outside.  I was thankful to be to see friends and family while home, and connect with some churches over Zoom and through videos.  In many ways, in the past
3 months, the US (or the parts I have seen) have seemed pretty normal - other than you wear a mask when inside stores, but I was thankful that things were open.  I was also thankful that I got to enjoy 3 seasons while here - summer, fall and winter.  I got to enjoy the snow twice, once driving through a pretty good snowstorm, helping me to relearn how to drive in the snow again.  It has been a good Home Assignment, but now it is time for me to head back and continue the work in PNG.