Tuesday, September 23, 2008

PE - kickball

PE is different this year, mostly because the kids are younger. I have three 1st graders (Lorena, Elena, Jerome - front row on R), two 2nd graders (Emma, Remo - standing), and one 4th grader (Allison - front row L). The rest of the kids are in the States on furlough, so we are doing a lot of basics for the time being.
I have forgotten what it was like to be in 1st and 2nd grade and not know how to throw, catch, run, kick, etc. I have decided to do a lot of basic things to teach basic concepts of throwing and catching so that when the bigger kids get back, the younger kids will have some idea what is going on. However, this is proving challenging.
The kids are so cute, but some are definitely more athletic than others. Some have quickly grasped the concept of throwing and keeping your eye on the ball to catch it, while others close their eyes everytime it comes and run away. We are using kickball as a basis for teaching some basic concepts. Last week, when the ball was kicked, if it didn't come directly to them, they didn't go get it. They stayed in their position and let the ball go in the outfield by itself until I got it. This week I wanted to try and get them to understand the need to go to the ball. So we played 500 (get 100 pts for catching a ball in the air, 75 for catching on one bounce, etc). Well, a few kids really understood and were running all over for the ball, at times knocking others out of the way. I was excited about their aggressive play, but at one point someone fell and scraped their knee and tears were shed. Maybe they were a little too aggressive, or maybe we should have played on the grass. Despite the injury, they did somewhat better when we played today. However, now a new problem has come up - we catch the ball, but don't understand throwing it to first, we hold it, or run back to our position, but don't tag the person or the base. This makes for long innings. Thankfully, the kids are definitely learning, and seem to be having fun with it.