Friday, August 23, 2019

Back at work

Monday, I got to return to work at the Hospital.  Despite there being a lot of change in the hospital with the Hospital Expansion Project over the past 4 months, much remains the same.  The staff, the patients who need our help, and the opportunities to share His love.

I enjoyed rounding on the Peds ward with a new doctor who started after I left, Dave Lean.  He and his family are from Australia and are with us for 2 years through World Medical Mission.  He is a pediatrician, but is learning to do it everything, while he is with us.  Peds is obviously his strength, but there are a few differences between practicing in PNG and in Australia, so it has been fun to work with him on some of that the past few days.

The clinic is full of patients who have chronic conditions and others who are worried they may have something bad, and I get to tell them they are okay or what we can do to help them.  One patient fractured his knee cap after a weekend rugby game, another old papa was brought in by his family as he was starting to get confused, a few pts were worried they had TB, others needed their blood pressure meds refilled, moms needed reassurance that their babies were okay, and more.

My first night on call wasn't too bad.  2 healthy babies that I delivered, 1 via Section, the other with the assistance of a vacuum.  1 woman who was bleeding a lot and needed blood and IVF, 1 stab victim who needed sutures, and few admissions for diarrhea.  You can pray for a family, whose son accidentally hung himself while playing.  He was found and brought in quickly to the hospital, but there isn't a lot we can do to reverse what has been done.  His family was obviously upset at what had happened to him.  We prayed together and have to trust the Lord with the outcome.

I am happy to be back at work and look forward to more in the days ahead.

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Back in PNG

It is great to be back in PNG again.   The long 2 day journey, turned into a 3 day journey, as the last flight was cancelled.  But sleeping in a bed and having a good meal in Port Moresby, with the parents of Mary and Tammy (2 other missionaries here), was great.  As always, the welcome, when you get back home, is great, and helps to know you are loved and were missed.

I have been working on settling into my new home.  While I was away, my new house (the McCoys old house) got repainted and had a bit of work done to it.  So now I get to make it my own, and it has been good to have some time to set it up.

Tomorrow, I start work and am on call, so my break is over, patients and work is waiting - which is why I am here, and I look forward to it.

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Acadia National Park

I enjoyed a trip with my family to Acadia National Park before embarking on my Alaskan adventure. There were 13 of us total and we sure enjoyed our time together.  Hiking, biking, kayaking, eating, playing games, exploring tide pools, watching the 4th of July Parade and fireworks, and eating ice cream were some of our highlights.   The 3 hour kayaking adventure was a little longer and harder than we anticipated with the kids, but we all made it.  Luke took home the putt putt trophy for 2019, until next time.  

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Denali National Park

The last National Park that I got to go to in Alaska was Denali.  Some of the nearby fires made visibility of the mountains pretty slim, but we still enjoyed our time.  Gina, a friend who has been to PNG a few times, was my adventure companion on this trip and we sure packed in our days.  We saw a bunch of wildlife - both big and small, enjoying all of it, as well as did some great hikes, getting to see a lot of the park.

In all, the wildlife count for the trip was:

20 bald eagles
14 moose
10 brown bears
6 grizzly bears
3 dall's sheep
100+ caribou
3 beavers
4 owls
numerous horseshoe hares
numerous birds
1 wood frog
+ all the sea creatures from Kenai.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Kenai Fjords National Park

Kenai Fjords National Park is full of wildlife, but you usually have to be out in a boat to see it.  I saw humpback and orca whales, Dall's porpoises, bald eagles, sea otters, puffins and other water birds, seals, sea lions and more.  The visibility wasn't always the best, but we got great views of the nearby glaciers as we got closer, and great views of the wildlife.

Friday, July 19, 2019

Katmai National Park.

While in Alaska, I got to make a quick trip to Katmai NP to see the huge brown bears enjoy the salmon run.  The weather seemed to keep most of the salmon in deeper waters, so there wasn't a lot of feeding happening while I was there, but there were still bears, and plenty of them.  They were entertaining to watch, as they jockeyed for position in the falls and played with one another.  We had one little guy join us on our trail as we were leaving the falls, thankfully he was little and was more scared of us than anything.  But if you ever have a chance to go to Katmai, I would definitely recommend it.