Saturday, July 14, 2018

Project Update

The Hospital Expansion Project continues their progress.  The Medical Storeroom has some of it's walls up now and is close to being completed.  The real work of that building, will be to move everything into it from the Old Storeroom and Old Hospital that has been storing things.

The additional Labor Ward Space has most of the walls completed now.  There is still a lot of work to be done with a roof, and putting a hole in the current ward to connect the two, but progress is happening.

The sidewalks have been poured for some of our new foot traffic patterns, especially as we look to move our Haus Krai Building, and will now have good sidewalks for the stretchers to be able to use.

The new OPD Expansion is making great progress.  The walls are done, the roof is coming, and we need some inside cabinets and sinks, but it is looking like exam rooms.  The OPD Waiting area is almost finished as well.

We are only 6 months into the Project, but we are already seeing great changes and are excited about using the space in the days ahead.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Life is Precious

A few weeks ago I was on call on a Sunday, and as I rounded, I met a man who had a huge pericardial effusion (water surrounding his heart).  From my exam and ultrasound of his heart, I knew that he had a lot of water around his heart, and that there might come a time when we might need to drain it to help him get blood to the rest of his body.  When I saw him in the morning, I felt like we were okay, that we didn’t need to do it right then, he had good pulses, good blood pressure, and was stable. 

That night, when I was asleep, the phone rang and the nurse said they were calling from Medical Ward, and right then I knew they were talking about this patient, who we will call Jack.  I quickly get dressed and go down and find Jack, now without a pulse and in danger of dying if I can’t get the fluid out from around his heart.  I get everything ready to drain the fluid and before doing so, I stop and talk to Jack about what I am doing and what might happen.  Jack understood that he might die in the process of me doing it, but will die if I don’t try.  He is a Christian and we prayed and I proceeded.

Despite doing this a number of times on other patients, the procedure is never as easy as it should be, especially when someone’s life is on the line.  The catheters (needle and tube) I had to get to the fluid, weren’t long enough and the ones that were long enough, weren’t drawing the fluid back, and so I removed a little, but didn’t feel like I got enough of it.  Jack asked if there was a surgery that we could do, I told him there was, and we would try that in the morning, but right now I am just trying to get him through the night. 

So in the morning, I talked to our surgeons, who agreed to open up the sac around his heart and drain the fluid.  Jack agreed to this, and we thought we had a plan to help him and get him going on the track to recovery.  Unfortunately, when the surgeons started to drain the fluid, Jack’s heart started to go into a different rhythm and despite an hour of trying to resuscitate him, he passed away. 

Jack knew Jesus and knew that death was not the end, but it was still hard for all of us involved, who had thought we were going to be okay and expected him to come through the operation.  It was a good reminder, that nothing is as routine as it may seem, and it is good to take each day as a gift from God and to make the most of it. 

Sunday, June 17, 2018


This past Wednesday, I got to participate in the delivery of triplets.  We have a lot of twin births here (including 2 sets within an hour of the triplets) but very few triplets.  Every time I see a woman who is pregnant and looks larger than she should, I always think, this might be the time I find the triplets - but it hasn't happened yet, even this time.

I saw the mom towards the end of clinic with elevated blood pressure and swollen legs.  I did an ultrasound and definitely knew she had twins, but could never find what I thought was a 3rd head, so I thought she just had 2 in there.  After getting some lab work, I felt like we needed to induce her that night to have her babies, instead of waiting.  Having had 4 prior babies, she quickly, delivered her first baby without any problem.  The nurse called me to say the next baby was not head down.  On exam, I found a leg and so decided to do a Csection and Tubal Ligation (which the mom was asking for).  In the Csection, I delivered a good sized baby boy who looked great, and when I put my hand in to get the placenta out - I felt a hard head.  Despite me not finding them on US - there were 3 babies in there.  So I quickly delivered the 3rd baby - completing the triplets.

Mom already had 1 boy and 3 girls at home and now she got another girl and 2 boys to add to her mix.  The watchmeri, was quite surprised when the nurse and I brought back 2 babies after the Csection, not just one.  Despite it being almost midnight, the whole ward was pretty excited to have triplets join them.  The babies were all good size and are doing quite well.  The watchmeri - mom's sister, is going to adopt the girl, and mom and dad are going to keep the 2 boys - keeping them busy still by having 6 at home.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Vacation in Madang

Pam and I got to go to Madang for a long holiday weekend.  There is something about seeing the beauty of God's creation, both above and below the water, that is amazing.  My favorite - the blue starfish were in abundance, and a new needlefish was spotted as well.  We enjoyed the beautiful weather, the calm sea and the chance to get away for a short period of time.  Thankful for the opportunity to go.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Last hike for Charity

Charity has been working at our MK elementary school for the last 2 years teaching.  She is getting ready to start a new adventure that God has called her too next school year, but before she left Kudjip she got to go on one last hike and this one with her dad.  Steve, her dad, came on a Work and Witness trip the last few weeks of Charity's time at Kudjip and so some of us got to go up to Mt. Tabi while he was here.

John was our trusty guide as always, both leading the way, explaining some of the new things Steve was seeing, as well as demonstrating how to make a fire without matches.  The May grass was in full effect - both the beauty of it and the allergenic nature it is to some of us.  We had a beautiful day for the hike and got to enjoy God's beauty from above.

We will miss Charity as she heads out and am thankful God brought her to Kudjip for this period of time.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Toys for A ward

Our patients and their family members can be in our hospital for just overnight or for a couple days or weeks or months, it all depends on what sort of illness they have.  Time sitting on the wards can get pretty boring, but no longer for those on our Pediatric Ward.  Don Hunter, one of our missionaries here likes to be busy and likes to make things with wood.  He teamed up with our MK kids who did the painted, and he made a whole bunch of puzzles and shape blocks and planes for the kids (and their family members) to enjoy during their stay on our Pediatric ward.   Don is quite creative and quite giving  - Thanks Don.

Friday, May 25, 2018


The Grove City Christian Academy in Grove City, PA raised money this year to help our hospital.  My nephews attend the school and I have spoken to their chapel and in many classrooms when I was home.  Each year they have a missions week where they try and raise money for different Mission Projects.  After speaking there last year, the school approached me and asked if they could help our hospital - of course.  

When they asked what the money could be used for, I shared with them that there are times when we don’t have enough oxygen, and so babies and kids that need oxygen, can’t get the help they need.  Through the years, we have had many oxygen concentrators purchased or donated, but overtime, they quit working and then we don't always have a way to fix or replace them.  So the school set out to help us get more oxygen concentrators.  In their mission week at school, the kids at the school raised over $1600 for oxygen concentrators – which will enable us to purchase 4 new oxygen concentrators.

Our first one arrived recently, and we set it up and are so thankful for how well it works.  The moms and babies appreciate it because it isn’t so loud, and the staff have found them easy to us.

THANK YOU GROVE CITY CHRISTIAN ACADEMY, for being willing to help give of yourselves and your piggy banks to help some kids in Papua New Guinea get well, we all appreciate it.