Saturday, February 20, 2010

Aden turns 4

Aden turned 4 on Thursday, he is growing up fast, as are his brothers. Jill had a party for him on Friday night to celebrate his birthday. He named everyone who came as different Winnie the Pooh characters, and our names were written on our plates. Marsha - Rabbit, Bill - Owl, Jill -Kanga, Noah - Roo, Jim and Scot - Eeyore, Cilla and Lydia - Winnie the Pooh, Wiley - Tigger, Jo - Piglet, I was "the frog" and Becky was "the snake." No one really knew who these last characters were, but Aden insisted they were in the Winnie the Pooh video. Aden and Wiley were so excited about everyone being there that they ate about 1 bite of Jill's good Mexican food, before they started playing again. Aden opened gifts and was excited when he got a silver piggy bank from Uncle Bill and Aunt Marsha that had money it in. Wiley was even more excited when Aden opened up his next gift and found a twin silver piggy bank with money inside from the Radcliffes. (FYI - the twin banks weren't planned, they just both got them for him and didn't know it til after they got them) So the 2 of them enjoyed playing with Aden's banks, riding on them, and taking them everywhere. Not sure if Wiley will get to really claim one of them, but Aden is a pretty good big brother. He was also excited about the bike helmet he got for his birthday and is even starting to learn to ride his bike without training wheels. It is fun to watch him and his brothers grow, especially as I am far away from my nephews, but having the Riggins boys across the street helps.