Sunday, September 4, 2011

Things I have learned

Watching 3 kids age 4 and under isn't something that I normally do everyday.  As a result there are things that I have learned only by experience.  Here's a few:

- Do not tell the 2 yo that you are going to the zoo 2 hours from now.  It can result in a half hour of questions fired every 2 minutes of if it is time to go to the zoo yet.
- Do not trust the 4 yo when they say the pool doesn't have enough water in it and to leave the hose on to put in more water.  What is good for the 4  yo is not always good for the 1 yo (see below).
- Do not leave the 1 yo unattended in the pool for even a second.  Even if the water level seems low enough for when they stand or sits, it is when they fall or go headfirst down the little slide, that you need to worry about.  They can just stay underwater without even realizing the danger they are in and even trying to stand up.  The older siblings will have no idea that the 1 yo could be drowning, so do not count on them to pick him up when he falls.
- Prepare to get wet when you take 3 boys outside to go swimming in their little kiddie pool.  Whether from splashing, or from preventing the 1 yo from drowning - you will get wet.
- Do not leave sharp objects out anywhere.  The 4 yo wants to know what everything is and thinks picking everything up and touching and trying them out helps this process.
- Do not leave the 2 yo in the room with the 1 yo when the 1 yo is trying to take a nap.  The 2 yo will just talk and entertain the 1 yo and there is no nap.
- Know where the bandaids are.
- Sharing isn't an easy thing.
- Tears are a normal part of everyday.
- That I love these kid and their parents and am thankful for the time I get to be with them.