Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve Eve Eve Party

One of our traditions here is to have a  Christmas Eve Eve Party hosted by the Myers, but this year it was an Eve Eve Eve party.  Despite being a day earlier than normal, it was still filled with lots of good Christmas treats and laughs from the games the Myers come up with.  This year we all showed our artistic talents as we got to draw a Christmas tree with decorations, a fireplace, mantel and stockings.  This might not seem that difficult, but try doing it on top of your head without looking.  Some of us are quite artistic and others of us not so much, we are glad Jim is a surgeon and not an artist.  Following our fill of Christmas goodies, we then had a battle between the top and lower end of station with Christmas movie trivia.  The Dooleys have definitely watched a lot of Christmas movies recently, as their girls knew all the answers.  Unfortunately, they weren't on my team.  It was also disappointing that Emmet Otter's Jugband Christmas didn't make the Christmas movie trivia game, I think I need to talk to the Myers about that.  Definitely a good party and a fun tradition.