Saturday, October 30, 2010

Traveling with 3 boys on a plane

One of the best things about having 3 small nephews is getting to travel with them.  Megan, Joe and I packed up the boys and all their possessions (well it seemed that way anyway) and made our way from Pittsburgh to San Francisco for a medical conference and some vacation.  Things were going really well on the plane until Graham (18 months) missed his nap, couldn't get comfortable sitting on Megan and screamed for 45 minutes.  He did finally fall asleep, but with only 15 minutes to go on the flight, so it wasn't nearly long enough.  Luggage for 3 adults and 3 kids is also fun.  We often just took up whole sections of the baggage area, or gate while we waited for our shuttle, rent a car, or the plane itself.  Also try putting all that luggage into a minivan - it sure makes for a tight fit.  If you have never travelled with 3 small kids you have missed the fun of having everyone who walks by you at the airport stare at you.  I don't know if they were staring at how cute the boys are or looking at us with thoughts of how crazy we are to travel with 3 small boys, either would be ok.  One benefit is getting to skip some of the line at security.  But have you ever tried to take 3 small kids, stroller, car seat, computers, dvd players, bottle with water in it through security - everything in their own trays with everyone's shoes off, I know if I was behind us, I would be looking for a new line.   We still have the long flight home, hoping they all do well.