Saturday, January 15, 2011

Back in PNG

34 hrs after leaving Megan and Joe's I arrived safely back at Kudjip.  The McCoys picked me up at the airport and when we got to the gate, there was Jim playing the PNG national anthem on his trumpet with security in salute.  The rest of the mission family was throwing flowers and came to greet me as I got home.  It was really nice.

I left wintery PA and came home to the green rainy season here in PNG.  I forgot how beautiful it is here.  I came home to a mango tree right off my porch that is full of mangos and a beautiful garden that Bill has done a lot of work to while I have been gone.  I had forgotten the horrible road conditions, how lines don't exist, the sound of rats in the attic, and how slow the internet is here vs being back in the US, but was quickly reminded.  It is good to be home.

Megan, Joe and boys - I miss you guys already.