Saturday, May 29, 2021

Patient Kitchen Upgrade

When our patients come to the Hospital, their families are responsible to provide a lot of what they need while they are with us.  However, we help out as best we can.  We have a patient kitchen, which serves our patients kauakau or rice with some tin fish or lamb flaps or chicken each day.  

For some of our patients who might be malnourished or need some extra nutrition while they are here (patients with tuberculosis, HIV, cancer, etc), we provide something called Nutrition Soup.  This is usually a lot of vegetables and some eggs, that they get to help increase their calorie intake while they are with us.  

We have been working to update and improve our Patient Kitchen area, with some new workspaces, and tables to eat on, new ventilation, sinks and some paint.  Here are a few pictures of the new work, and some of our patients enjoying the kitchen and lawn area.  
With 150 beds, we often have 100 or so patients in our hospital at any one time, if not more, so the Kitchen stays pretty busy.  There is also a little store, called the Canteen, which sells some food, both hot food (red sausage, flour balls, broccoli, chicken, chips (French fries) and more, as well as some staples like sugar, salt, flour, and rice, as well as some snack foods - cookies, pop, and other kinds of crackers.  Pts are able to cook their own food, right outside the patient kitchen where there are little fire pits set up that they use.