Friday, June 18, 2021

Vision Clinic Update

The Vision Clinic is getting close to being opened.  With the help of Great Faith Vision, our Vision team has learned how to do basic near and distance exams.  We have been practicing on some of our missionaries before starting to see our first patients who will be our own staff.  

As someone who has gone to the eye doctor annually since 6th grade, I realized in helping our Dental Team get ready, that when you have never gone to an eye doctor, that doing an exam can be frightening.  For most exams we give, there is a right answer, and helping our staff to understand there is no "right" answer, but whatever helps the patient see better is the right answer, has helped to change their anxiety about doing the exams right.  We will get in some more practice in the next week or so and then start with our staff and see if we can help some of them see better, before opening it up to patients.