Sunday, July 6, 2008

Weekend fun

This weekend we have enjoyed some fun activities. We started with the 4th of July party at the park (see prior blog entry). On Saturday, we enjoyed a kickball game in the field office field. A bunch of us played while the nationals enjoyed watching us and laughing as we missed catches, or missed each other when we would try and get them out. I kicked a lot of balls with my shin instead of my foot, so I have a nice bruise now which is quite sore. There is now barbed-wire on the back of the field, so the ball got a little deflated from folks kicking it for a homerun, or a ground rule double. Scot Riggins's kick was the most impressive as he managed to kick the ball into the fence around the Southern Cross for a home run, but it wasn't enough for his team to pull out the win.

Last night, we had a ladies night at the McCoys house. We watched a movie, painted nails, played a few games, and then sang Happy Birthday to Diane Chapman for her birthday which was on the 4th.

This was our Sunday for English Lotu and Potluck, which we do on the first Sunday of the month. This time we honored Sam for his graduation from high school. Sam will be heading to NNU - Northwest Nazarene University in August, and we will all miss him. Not only did we celebrate and congratulate Sam, but we also took the time to remember our country's (US) independence. The English Lotu is attended by many different missionary groups, including folks from Switzerland, England, and Canada. To remember our independence we sang our national anthem, then the others shared their national anthems (or some sort of national song). It was quite educational. I wasn't aware England has an independence day, but we sang their song anyway. After that, we heard John Alt, one of the Swiss missionaries, share about the One we can trust and His different names.