Friday, July 4, 2008

4th of July in PNG

For some reason PNG doesn't recognize July 4th as a holiday, instead they choose to recognize their own Independence Day, Sept 16th. So, I had to work today like it was any other day, but this evening got to celebrate the 4th. We didn't have fireworks, but made do. I had hot dogs with the Dooleys and Sam over a fire, and then Becky, some of the Radcliffes, Riggins, and Myers, joined us for sparklers and smores, and, the ever popular, flashlight freeze tag. The evening got cut short by the rain, but we had fun, without any major injuries. My most memorable 4th of July was last year when I redislocated my shoulder while participating in the games at the Leiberts, and then got locked in the bathroom. Thankfully, there wasn't a repeat performance this year.