Sunday, May 10, 2009


Pundi came to us about a week ago. He had been being treated for anemia as an outpatient, but on admission we determined he had AML - acute myelogenous leukemia. Treatment for AML isn't easy, and the disease is deadly. I have taken care of kids and young adults that died from AML since I have been here, and I lost my grandma to this last April. I know the treatment isn't easy, but it is the only chance we have. When William Walker, pathologist in the US, confirmed the diagnosis, I discussed the reality of the disease with Pundi and his family, and told him that the treatment itself can kill him. He is probably in his 50s, but he is healthy and hasn't been sick prior to this, so they wanted to fight. He is a Christian and trusts the Lord and was willing to give it a try. Pray for him as we start this process of fighting the leukemia and trusting God with his life.