Thursday, May 28, 2009

Track and Field Day

Today we had track and field day with the elementary students and the students from CLTC. The high schoolers helped me out as we enjoyed a day of races and relays. Initially, we had some time waiting for the CLTC kids to arrive, so the elem and HS kids did some sack races, played ultimate frisbee, worked on getting out of the human knot, and more. Once the CLTC kids arrived, we set up our stations for our individual events. We had a 30m run, a frisbee throw, a sack race, a broad jump, and a big ball throw. The kids seemed to enjoy it and having done it last year the kids seemed to understand what they were doing. Following this, we did some relays - a 2 person sack race relay, a wheelbarrow relay, and a clothes relay. I am not sure why, but the kids really seem to enjoy and laugh throughout the clothes relay as they are trying to put on the scrubs and run as fast as they can. Following this, we had a water balloon toss and egg toss. Then we went to the park for lunch. At the end of lunch, some of the students started in a water fight with Aunt Diane, the elementary teacher. Most of all the elementary students got involved trying to get Aunt Diane. I initially took pics, but then got involved also and wet in the process, but it was fun. We finished the day with bear, mosquito, fish and kickball. It seemed like the kids enjoyed it and had a good day.