Sunday, May 31, 2009

Danielle's Graduation

Today we gathered to congratulate Danielle on her graduation from high school. She has been homeschooled since kindergarten as her parents have been missionaries with the Nazarene Church, but she has done very well in school and has a full scholarship to SNU (Southern Nazarene University). She currently is planning on becoming a doctor and would like to be a surgeon. Since her and her family have moved to our station, she has enjoyed spending time in the operating room and getting to see a bunch of surgeries.
This afternoon we enjoyed a time of fellowship together on the McCoy's porch. We sang a song, had some scripture read, heard from her dad, and Kathy read something Danielle wrote about being home schooled, it was very nice. We also played a game about how well you know Danielle. Becky divided us up into teams based on where we were sitting, of course if there is a competition I want to win. Thankfully, it was multiple choice and we didn't lose points for being wrong, so we pulled it out, it was fun. We also enjoyed cake, ice cream, cookies and other treats that everyone brought. She had a slide show of pictures and even the little guys enjoyed watching it. It was a nice afternoon and we pray God continues to guide and direct Danielle in her future. She is heading home to the US with week with her parents as they start their home assignment and get ready to say goodbye to her as she starts school.