Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I came to PNG 21 months ago to care for patients who were sick and to share Christ with them. Today was my first day back in clinic after being in the US and Nason was a great reminder of why I am here. He is a young man of about 20, who lives in a nearby village, who has had testicular swelling for about 6 months. He was ashamed about it, so he didn't go get it checked out. He also has developed an abdominal mass and neck mass 2 months ago. On exam, he had a testicle about the size of a softball, a large mass in his LUQ, and a large L supraclavicular neck mass. Upon further evaluation, his ultrasound showed multiple huge liver mets, and pulmonary mets on xray. Nason has metastatic testicular cancer.
I wish he would have come in about 5 months ago, and it would have made treating him a lot easier. Jim was able to squeeze in a biopsy this afternoon in order to send the pathology specimen back to the US tomorrow, and we are talking with some of the doctors in Port Moresby to find out what kind of chemo meds they have to treat him with, and if they can send us the meds. I am not sure if we are going to beat his disease, but we are sure going to try.
I also got to introduce Nason to Jesus. After talking to him about his diagnosis, I asked him if he went to church or what he knew about Jesus. His mom is a christian and goes to church, but Nason does not. I got to talk with him more about Christ and share the gift of salvation with him, and we prayed together. If we can't win his battle against the cancer, I pray we can win the battle for his soul. Pray that Nason would come to know Christ, and that we would be able to shrink his cancer with the meds.