Sunday, January 3, 2010

Honoring our Long Time Workers

Collectively 7 of our workers have served Nazarene Hospital for 180 years. On Wed afternoon, we gathered together to honor, thank, and say goodbye to our friends and coworkers. This is the first time NHM (Nazarene Health Ministries) has had this many people retiring at one time, so we did something special. There was a service in the chapel where various people spoke about the commitment among this group to God and this place. They were given certificates, gifts and prayed for, then they filed out to enjoy a mumu at Margaret's. For the past 37 yrs, Swen (top L) has faithfully helped provide this station with water. Without prints, he has knowledge of all the pipes on the station and when there was a problem, he was able to say where we needed to dig in order to find the pipes. His wife, Maria, has also served with us for a number of years in our housekeeping services. Kona (bottom R) has served in maintenance specializing in landscaping. He has done a great job with the new hospital's flowers and keeps everything trimmed, weeded, and growing. He also has served as a wasman for the majority of the missionaries on our town trips. Chris has worked giving out our nutrition soup to our patients. He was always smiling and always said hello as we passed. Sr. Tiyeme, Kini (cutting cake on L) and Erema were in part of the first nursing class here and have served in numerous capacities for us over the years. All will be missed and praying God's best for them as they move on from Kudjip.