Saturday, January 9, 2010

The wards are filling up

After being closed for a period of time the wards tend to get pretty empty as you get down to 2 or 3 pts. After opening up again just before Christmas, now the wards are now quite full. Not too long ago, there were days I wished it wasn't full, days I wished there were only a few pts so it wouldn't take me forever to round. Now, after not having folks to round on, I am thankful for all the patients. Thankful for the opportunity to minister to God's people who are suffering in different ways. There are folks to know the Lord and some who don't; those who are hurting physically, spiritually, or emotionally; those who have a serious illness and might die or a those with a minor something and should go home in a few days; those who have been the victim of domestic violence, enemy violence, or self-inflicted violence; those who just caught a bad bug that their body is fighting and those whose bodies are just failing; those who are waiting for a miracle and those who have received one; those whose lives have been changed by their time at the hospital and those, who we pray, will have changed lives by the time they leave the hospital. It doesn't really matter why they have come to our doors or what circumstances brought them to need our attention, all that matters is they are in front of us now and are asking for help. Jesus reached out to folks from all different walks of life and showed them compassion, love, grace and mercy, and that too is what He asks of me and those of us who work herer, to love because He first loved us. There are times I do this well and times I don't, and I pray God would help me to do it better.