Monday, February 15, 2010

Then and now #3

The other day Jim came into my room and said I needed to follow him. I often never know why Jim wants me to see a patient in his room, but it often involves some sort of teaching and explanation of why I shouldn't have sent a patient to him, what I missed on my physical exam or ultrasound, or why they are actually longwe and he shouldn't be caring for them. This time it wasn't for any of those, but to see a patient in followup that I had previously admitted.
The memory I have of Michael is him laying in the ER with a belly full of
pus as I struggle to breathe through my mouth while performing a paracentesis and drain off 5 liters of pus. After I drained him, Jim attempted to open him up and clean him out, but with so many adhesions and bleeders, he was forced to close up shortly after going in. Michael did well and went home, and it was now time for his follow-up. When I looked into Jim's room I saw a healthy Michael with a full face, a smile, and a new life. Not only was he healed physically, but he had become a Christian while he was with us in the hospital. God is good.