Monday, February 1, 2010

Treasure Chest

As I was hanging out my clothes this weekend, I noticed the McCoys were working on cleaning out the back porch, so I thought I would help. I thought the back porch was just where all the garden tools were kept, but it turned out to be a treasure chest waiting for someone to discover what was hidden inside.
There was a wooden box with a lid which latched on the outside and had nice shelves inside, but wasn't being used because of its lid. Once we removed the lid, it turned into a very practical shelving unit complete with a locked shelf, which now holds the brackets to the lid. There was a box full of stuff used to clean a car - upholstery finish, wax, oil, and a grease gun, they looked like they had been in the porch for many years (given the rust of the containers), talk about a "treasure". Marsha wanted
to share this "treasure" with everyone by putting it in the swap box, I didn't know if Judy would appreciate just having to throw it out later, so I suggested we just toss it, it wasn't an easy sell, but they gave in. (For anyone who still wants very old car cleaning stuff, check our garbage cans before Tues.)
Among other things we also found some fishing line, weedeater string (which won't fit the current weedeater, but we kept it anyway), an old tire to a wheelbarrow (again doesn't fit, but kept), lots of wood, random nails, screws, and other such "treasures" that we don't know what they go to, broken pieces of tiles to their new entry way, lots of empty plastic bottles (I was able to scale down the number of these that remained in the porch), old newspapers, various containers full of unknown liquids (some of which we were able to identify
by their color, smell, and taste (just kidding on that last one), and much more.
Many treasures that we discovered are now in the rubbish, but many more are neatly on the porch. Despite the treasures that were found, the main goal of this was to clean the back porch and make it so you can walk in and out of it and find things without much difficulty. Unfortunately, I didn't get a before picture (only a middle picture), but the after pictures show the porch clean and organized, now we just have to keep it that way.