Friday, February 12, 2010

Women's Bible Study

Steph asked me a few weeks ago if I would be interested in doing a bible study with her and some of the national ladies who work at the hospital. We talked about it and decided to target other single ladies in the hopes of learning more about Christ together, encouraging one another, and building relationships. We met about 2 weeks ago to choose a book and tonight we started our study on 1 Timothy. I was thinking we might be lucky if we have 6 total, but we had 8 with Steph and I, which was a blessing. A lot of the ladies said they have never participated in a bible study, so they are excited about learning. Steph and I are on call different nights, so both of us doing it allows us to still host bible study without missing weeks and just alternate places of study. Steph was on call tonight and she got called out just as we were finishing praying and before the picture, but was here for the study. I look forward to continuing to learn God's word together with these ladies - Grace, Roselyn, Matta, Jenny, Lim, and Sena.