Thursday, March 11, 2010

CON graduation

Every year 25 new nursing students join the nursing school here to become nurses, and every year we send out the 25 from 3 years prior into the hospitals and health centres of PNG to serve the people and to use the skills they have acquired in the past 3 yrs. This year was no different. About a month ago we met the new students, but now we are saying goodbye to the graduates. Dr. Geneva Silvernail, the principal at the Melansia Bible College gave the graduation address. She shared funny stories of her time in nursing school and what she learned. She challenged the students that as they go forth they need to share in the lives of the patients they will see, praying for them, and educating them, and being an example to the community. She also reminded us that there are some things which God will not want them to do, and will tell us to keep our hands off, and that we need to listen and trust him. It was a good message for all of us to hear. Following the graduation address, the students received their diplomas and stood in a line to recite their nursing pledge. There were a number of people at the event, some really dressed up (see kid on R). It was a good time.