Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Then and now #4

Tangamb almost died on the operating table 1 yr ago when we drained a liver abscess and his oxygen saturations were in the 60-70s for the whole case. His family had pleaded with me to save their own child, their only son, and we did our best. His mom became a believer during their time here and he went home healthy and doing great. I hadn't seen him since his last followup, but I was on call and they called me about a pt on A ward. They started to give me a history they mentioned he previously had a liver abscess and I said is his name Tangamb, and they said yeah. So I went to see him. He was all smiles when him and his mom saw me walk in. He had been admitted for some abdominal pain, but went home shortly after admission. It is a joy to see patients in followup and to know that God used us to help them get better.