Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I saw Jeremiah in the clinic earlier in the week. He had some fluid of his abdomen and in his lungs. He was sick, but not real sick. After doing some tests on him and talking to the family, they wanted to try meds and take him home, so he went home. Just a few days later, I am in the midst of wading through lots of patients in the ER, when Jeremiah's dad comes up to me and says that Jeremiah got worse and they brought him back. When I got to him, he was worse. His abdominal swelling had gotten worse and he was now short of breath. He didn't look good at all.
I moved him to the ER to get him set up for drainage of his fluid, and repeated the ultrasound. Now his liver, which wasn't significant the last time I saw him, was now full of pus. He had a
liver abscess which was causing the fluid in his lungs and abdomen. After talking with Jim, it was felt that medical management was our only option right now as he was pretty sick and there were so many abscesses in his liver, that you couldn't drain them all. So we prayed and talked with the family, and I drained the fluid from his lungs and abdomen.
I wasn't sure how he was going to look this morning when I went to check on him, but I expected him to continue to be pretty sick. Instead, I find him sitting up on the floor (no beds) eating a scone with his mom by his side. Praise God. He isn't out of the woods yet, but I continue to pray that God will heal him.