Saturday, April 10, 2010


We are a little behind the times here, but what do you expect when you live on the other side of the world. The Olympics have been over for almost 2 months now, but we are just getting into the action here in Papua New Guinea. The Myers family recorded the Olympic coverage and sent the DVDs to them. Because of the speed of the mail here, it has only been in the last month that we have started to enjoy the Olympics. We have been trading discs back and forth enjoying all the different events.
The Myers decided to have a Team USA party to watch the Olympics and just hang out. So we all dressed in red, white and blue, enjoyed an evening of ice dancing, aerial ski jumping, and ski jumping, lots of laughs and good food. We joked about the triple kaukaus and and twisties
(instead of twizzles) that PNG skaters would do in ice dancing if there were PNG skaters.
I have really enjoyed watching the Olympics, and am constantly at the Myers asking for a new disc. Even though I followed along as things were happening in Vancouver, there is something special about seeing the athletes compete and watching as family, friends, and nations cheer on their loved ones. I remember the Olympics were always a special time growing up. I remember getting to watch them with my grandparents, so watching them again brings back good memories. It was a good night.