Monday, April 12, 2010

House rearranging

Recently, Steph and I showed the Passion of Christ to our bible study ladies. In preparation for that, I rearranged my house to make room for the 15 women who came. I decided that I kind of liked the new setup, so I had Steph help me do more rearranging. I told Becky about it and she came and helped me do more the following day.
Previously in my living room, I had my kitchen table in one half and my living room area in the other. When I wanted to watch a movie on my computer projector, I had to rearrange things and then take it down. I also had a "den area" that didn't get used at all. I spent all my time in my living room area, so
it was just a room that didn't get used. Now that has changed. The den room has become my dining room, and my living room area is now just a large living room area with a home movie wall specifically for playing movies on the projector. We enjoyed a night of settlers and pizza to try out the new room.