Saturday, May 1, 2010


With Bill back in the States the garden is now my responsibility. I have only been gardening for the last 2 yrs, I started when Bill went home last time and had no idea what I was doing. Now, I have had 2 yrs of practice and have learned a lot. I now know, from experience, that roundup will kill plants if you spray it directly on them thinking it is insecticide, that weedeaters and rotatillers will be destroyed if you use mixed gas, and that the back porch can not be broken into or out of if you get locked inside.
So using all I have learned about gardening, I now look after all our plots. I have had some difficulty getting lettuce to grow, and keep fighting the bugs who are trying to eat my cucumbers and watermelon. There are lots of tomatoes growing, currently all green, but soon I will need to be giving them away so they don't go to waste. Without any work on my part the pepper and pumpkin plants continue to keep producing. I now eat almost everything in the garden, but still am holding out on green beans. Now every day or 2 I am giving them away since they are one of the easiest vegetables for me to grow. I now have corn and broccoli growing for the first time. Becky's parents brought some new sweet corn seed, which seems
corn seed, which seems to have been the key to getting corn to grow,
hopefully it tastes good. The berries continue to grow, just when I think
the berries are dying, they put on new
shoots and keep producing, now if I could only get the watermelon to grow bigger I would be ok.