Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A risk in having a baby

There are lots of potential complications that can occur to anyone who is pregnant and having a baby. The majority of the time everything goes fine and there is a healthy mom and baby at the end of the delivery. But sometimes complications, both expected or unexpected, occur and it is our job to treat them and try to make it possible for a healthy mom and baby to still come out at the end.
I had just gotten back from lunch when a maternity ward nurse came to my room and said a mom just delivered and is still bleeding. She had
delivered the first twin at home, and thought her placenta was still inside, it was, but so was the 2nd twin. So after some oxytocin to get her labor going again, she delivered the 2nd baby and then just started bleeding. When I got there she had blood just flowing out of her and was already sitting in a pool of blood. I quickly put on a pair of gloves and put my hand inside of her to massage her uterus. As I was doing that, the nurses were following my instructions and helping to give her medicines, get IV fluid up and running, and getting blood for the patient. It took us about 20 minutes or so before the patient quit bleeding and she was stable. Once we moved the patient the blood that had pooled on the bed started flowing down and this is what I saw as I was getting ready to go.
Later that day when I went to check on the patient, she was sitting up in bed eating a scone. What a beautiful sight. I am thankful that on this day, this mom and these babies did well, despite the complication that occurred.