Saturday, January 21, 2012

D ward noises

D ward - our labor and delivery ward is full of many noises, especially crying.  It certainly isn't the place to be if you want to get some sleep.  With 30 beds, it is usually very full of moms and their newborn babies.  There are cries of being hungry, cries of being tired and not being able to sleep, cries of being cold during bath time, cries of wanting to be held, cries from being fussy and lots more.  Moms cry out in pain as they are giving birth and after having a Csection when they get up and start moving again.  Older siblings and family members come and visit the new babies and bring sounds of excitement when they see and hold the new baby. There are nurses and doctors who are talking to each other about the patients and the orders, or yelling for help when emergencies come up.  It is hardly ever quiet, but that is often a good thing.  We do over 1000 deliveries a year and our ward stays full almost the whole time.  Praise God for new life.