Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cilla turns 18

Cilla turned 18 on Tues. She didn't really want a party as we had just celebrated her high school graduation a couple times, and she thought that was enough. Her friend, Jessica, wanted to throw her a party and have everyone come. So she used a girls movie night, on Monday as an event to get Cilla out of her house and emails requiring everyone's attendance to make the party a success. Due to my home theatre and a 2nd entrance into my house, my home became the party place. The plan was during the movie, everyone who wasn't at the movie would go to the McCoys house and come into my house through our connecting door and start singing and surprise Cilla. It worked. Despite there apparently being lots of talking on the McCoys porch, we in the home theatre didn't hear it, and Cilla was very surprised when everyone started singing and came it. We all enjoyed some cake, kool-aid and fellowship for a while as Cilla opened up her gifts. Judy had a box made at maintenance and then had Gideon burn in and everyone shared recipes with Cilla, it was neat. Gail knitted a scarf and hat which was also quite nice. Everyone had a good time and Cilla had a very nice 18th birthday. We love you and are going to miss you
when you go to Mt Vernon.