Friday, February 26, 2016

Kudjip Family Feud

This past weekend, we got together to play Kudjip Family Feud.  We surveyed 50 missionaries at our Christmas Party, and put the questions and answers together in a Kudjip version of Family Feud.  We had 4 teams, each with someone who has been here >10 yrs, <10 a="" and="" anyone="" at="" be="" br="" could="" e="" each="" elementary="" else="" ended="" having="" here="" high="" kudjip.="" members="" middle="" missionaries="" mk="" nbsp="" no="" of="" on="" one="" related.="" representing="" school="" spectrum="" team="" the="" then="" up="" whole="" with="" yrs="">

Rachel Thompson, served as our Game Show Host, Jordan Thompson as our Engineer, and the missionaries as our audience.  We had lots of laughs, some computer and operator glitches, and a very fun afternoon here at Kudjip.  

Susan's team (Susan, Lydia, Emma Goossens, Stephanie and Emma Dooley) pulled out the victory after defeating Jim's team in the first round, and Bill's team in the final round.  They did great in the Fast Money round and went home with the Family Feud Trophy.  It was definitely a fun afternoon.