Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tennis court repainting

The tennis court really needs resurfacing, but until we find an easy way to do that, repainting the lines on the court seemed to be the next best thing. I talked to Rachel and Jordan about helping out, and they were all for it. So this afternoon the 3 of us and some PNG kids who live near the court repainted the lines.
Last week, Rachel and I went to town and got the spray paint. We wanted 2 different colors to help distinguish the basketball court lines from the tennis court lines, so we went with red for the basketball lines. Jordan made these great frames to guide our spraying which really helped. There were places where we couldn't see any evidence of a previous
line, but were able to use the guides and the lines we had just
painted and formed the new lines. After painting the new lines it is hard to believe what we had been using as lines (see above L). No more redos because we didn't know if it was in or out, but we will still have redos for bad bounces. Can't wait to play now. Thanks Jordan and Rachel for your help.