Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cilla, Jo, Lydia get baptized

One thing Cilla wanted to do when she came home for the summer was to get baptized.  To publicly testify that she was following Christ, her Savior.  When no other churches were having baptisms while she was home, the Radcliffes decided to have their own.  So the day before she headed back to the States to start her sophomore year at MVNU she got baptized along with Jo and Lydia.  It was a special day for the Radcliffe family.

We all met at the circle and walked to the hydro church where we hand a little service lead by Pastor Augus and Rev. Harmon.  It was great to hear their testimonies of what God has done in their lives and how they each want to serve Him.  Following the service, we walked closer to the water where Harmon and Pastor Philip baptized them with many onlooking celebrating and cheering for each one.  The river was pretty cold, but no one seemed to mind.  The missionary family and many of our national friends came together to witness this special time for the Radcliffes.