Thursday, November 10, 2011

Waterfall hike

This past Saturday a group of us took  a trip to nearby Kurumel to hike up to the large waterfall that is there.  We started with 9 (Bill, Marsha, Tim, Stephen, Amy, 3 volunteers and myself) of us from Kudjip and ended up as a group of 40+ with all the Papua New Guineans who went with us.  Some of the PNGers had never been to the falls and neither had any of the other missionaries who went other than myself.

The waterfall is definitely worth the hike - at least that is what Marsha kept telling herself and convinced herself of when she said she wanted to go too.  The hike isn't easy.  There is a large mountain that you have to climb up and then down again as soon as you get to the top, without covering hardly any distance horizontally, so you at times seem like you are going straight up and then straight down.  Sliding whether with your feet or your bottom is sometimes the best method for coming down.  The PNGers are great guides and helpers, even if they are kids, they are surefooted and able to help all of us make it to the waterfall and back again.

One of the great things about the trip was being able to see the beauty of PNG and just how tough some of the villagers have it.  We walked by and through numerous gardens that are sitting on the side of a mountain.  They maintain these gardens as a way to provide food for their families.  We saw guys fishing with a spear and a scuba mask in the river.  Other men, women and boys cutting and then carrying large tree trunks to serve as house posts that they will build.  We also saw kids just playing and being kids.  Finding a vine and clearing a way to make it a large swing over the river, which we all ended up trying also.  It was a good day.