Sunday, March 25, 2012

NCON students

We have a nursing school here that enrolls 25 students a year and 3 years later 25 new nurses leave the classrooms to serve the Lord all over PNG as nurses.  Some stay here and work with us, others go back home, or go to remote areas where God has called them.  Everyone at the hospital gets the opportunity to train them in one way or another.  Bosip, is one of our CHWs who works with our surgery team, but he is also one of our main orthopedic guys.  He does a lot of our casting and splinting, so one day I found him giving instructions to all the nursing students in our ortho room.  In PNG, the nurses are often the only health workers at small health centers and aidposts throughout PNG, so putting on a cast is something they may very well be doing when they leave.