Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Still alive

He was one of my first cancer patients, with cancer throughout his liver, spleen and throughout his lymph nodes.  Almost everything I was seeing at that time was new to me, especially cancer and how to treat it.  His case sure stretching my family practice training, but we treated him with all the chemotherapy that we had and he responded.  As it looked like we were on the winning side of things, he left our hospital and didn’t follow up.  That was 5 yrs ago, I assumed he had died, but by God’s grace he is still alive and showed up 1 week ago.

When he left our hospital he went to live with his father and got care at another hospital in PNG.  They were able to do surgery to remove a large tumor burden and to give him radiation and chemotherapy.  He responded well and has been doing well for the past 3 years or so, but his cancer hasn’t fully resolved, which is why he came back. 

He still has enlarged lymph nodes and his spleen is replaced by tumor, but he is alive and well, and got married last year.  We hope to keep him around for a number of years more as we look to continue to treat his cancer. 

Pray for Nason, pray for his physical healing as well as his spiritual.  5 years ago, his mom was daily praying for him and he came to the Lord while we were treating him, but since he has been better, he has quit going to church.  Pray that he would go back, that he would find strength in the Lord and His grace.