Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Crouch Family has arrived

Mark, Esther, Anna, Levi and baby Crouch arrived in Kudjip about 2 weeks ago.  Mark is a family practice doctor from Tulsa, OK, who is joining us for the next 2ish years.  Mark trained at the same program as Bill McCoy, and came with Esther and Anna 2 years ago for a month to see what it was like.  They liked it enough to come back.  Esther is a nurse and will be busy with Anna (4), Levi (2) and baby Crouch (due in March).  Mark and Esther are interested in long term missions and are praying about God's plans for their family.  We are excited to have them with us for the next few years.

You can learn more about what they are happening here at their blogs: and