Sunday, November 2, 2008

Harvest Party

Friday night, we had the annual Kudjip Harvest Party. We were going to have the party at the park, but due to the rain, we transplanted the party to the Dooley's house. We enjoyed our Hobo dinners in the oven and the company of all.
The Dooleys definitely won for the best costume. They were the 5 little piggies from the nursery rhyme. The pig who went to market, one who stayed home, one had roast beef, one had none and one went we we we all the way home. Very cute. Emma, their middle daughter came up with the idea as they were talking about what they should be.
The Bennetts were an Email Attachment. Mike was a hole in one, and Diane a hat rack. Judy was going to make me a jellyfish costume out of something in the storeroom, but it proved more complicated than originally thought. I instead got to be a leaf blower. Notice the leaf attached to the hat.
Luke, although not at our Harvest Party, was a very cute turtle this year.