Monday, June 16, 2014


Josiah Radcliffe has finished his high school here at Kudjip and is heading off to college this fall.   We celebrated his graduation at our English Church Service this month.  It is hard to believe how much he has grown from when I first got here.  He was a little kid who I could easily beat playing basketball, and now he is taller, bigger, jumps higher and can easily beat me in basketball.

Josiah is returning to the US with our quiz team, to participate in the national quiz in Nashville the end of June.  After that, he is going to finish his private pilot license, which he had started here in Papua New Guinea.  Then he is going to be starting college at Mount Vernon Nazarene University this fall.  He is going to major in engineering, with hopes of being a pilot/engineer in the future, serving the Lord with those skills.

It has been a blessing to have had the chance to work with Josiah at quizzing and while teaching PE.  He is a good athlete and a great bible quizzer.  Our basketball games aren't going to be the same without him (but watch out for his sister, Lydia, she is looking to take his place on the court.)  We had a surprise goodbye, graduation, birthday party for him this past week and had a lot of laughs telling stories about him and playing guesstures.  We are going to miss Jo, and will look forward to seeing how God works in his life in the years ahead.