Sunday, October 5, 2014

Heading on Home Assignment

I leave for my Home Assignment time back in the US in just a couple days.  I look forward to having some time with family and friends to relax and catchup.  I also look forward to sharing with many supporters and churches all over the US what God is doing here in PNG.

The young girl I wrote about last week never came back for surgery, but I would ask you to continue to pray for her and their family as they struggle with what we told them last week and that they might return for surgery soon.

 would also ask you to pray for little Topias as I go.  He is an 18 month old little boy who has a large mass in his stomach that is involving his kidney.  We have been giving him chemotherapy and Dr. Steve Elerding - our current volunteer surgeon, covering for Jim, is scheduled to take out the mass next week.