Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Ted and Rachel Henderson have arrived

 Ted and Rachel Henderson have arrived in Papua New Guinea to serve as missionaries for a year.  They came 2 wks ago and were quickly put back on a plane to have a cultural experience out in Dusin (the Middle Ramu) for a week.  After learning some Pidgin and becoming more familiar with the culture of PNG, they have hit the ground running here at Kudjip, Rachel teaching and Ted in the hospital.

Rachel is an elementary teacher helping out with our older 4-6th graders in our MK school.  She is teaching the kids a Christmas musical for them to do an our Christmas english church service.

Ted is a pediatrician who is currently trying to learn everything he can about medicine in the 3rd world.  Despite his training being in peds, our patient population doesn't allow him to only see the kids, so he has already been expanding his medical skills rounding on the medical ward with me this week, and was involved in his first Csection already.

You can follow Ted and Rachel on their blog HERE.  They plan to be with us a for a year and will be praying and seeking God's will for their lives after that.