Saturday, December 20, 2014

Recent travels

After returning from Disneyworld, I have been traveling again.  From to Bradford, my hometown, to NYC and recently to Ohio.  I have gotten the chance to see friends and family in the midst of sharing with supporters and churches.

In NYC, I reconnected with some friends from medical school and SMI days from Philly as I shared in their church and talked to a missions group.  I had the chance to see Les Miserables, go to the 9/11 museum, see the tree and more.  I know I am not a city person, but was thankful for the weekend.

I just returned from sharing at a church in Ohio, which gave me the opportunity to meet up with Jim and Kathy Radcliffe.  I haven't seen Jim since he left Kudjip back in June, so it was great to see him and to see how well he is doing after his surgery.  Lots of folks have asked how he is doing, and praise God he is doing well.  He and Kathy and Lydia are traveling back to PNG to continue serving our Lord the end of this month.  They will be joined by 2 more of their kids in the early part of 2015, so Kudjip will be full of Radcliffes again.

I have also enjoyed the time I have had with my nephews and niece.  It has been fun to be able to be a part of their lives in my time at home.  I am hoping we can go sledding soon, but we need snow first.