Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thanksgiving Trip to Disney World

I got to go to Disney World and Kennedy Space Center with my sister and her family and my dad and his wife over Thanksgiving.  Joe's family also joined us the last 2 days, so the kids got to see multiple grandparents in one trip, which was great for them.

It was a good long week, seeing and doing things.  We had quite the variety of weather with rain, cold and sunshine.  The kids enjoyed it all.  The Magic of Disney is best captured by looking at their faces when they see something amazing to them - having Chip wave to Eli and then seeing Woody, Graham being so excited to get a pressed coin with a Disney logo on it, Luke winning at games and being a Jedi, and Madison finally warming up to Minnie and giving her "5."  Definitely priceless memories there.

I enjoyed just being able to spend time with my family and be a part of these memories with them.  Kennedy Space Center and the space shuttle Atlantis were also really amazing and am thankful that we got to add that to our trip.