Friday, July 3, 2015

One day

I pray:
    - One day we will be able to put kids with leukemia in remission.
    - One day we will see less domestic violence because of changed lives by the power of the Holy Spirit.
    - One day we will see less ChopChops because lives will be changed and folks will choose love and forgiveness over violence.
    - One day we will see less cervical cancer because husbands will choose to be committed to one wife and the prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases will decrease.
But today is not that day.

- Today I am having to tell Ambane and his family that his cancer, that we thought was responding to the chemotherapy we were giving, is back and his 5 yo life will come to an end sooner rather than later.
- Today I am having to cast a women's hand and elbow after she was beaten by her husband.
- Today I am seeing a patient in followup who was chopped by a brother over a land dispute.
- Today I am having to tell a patient and her family that she has cancer of her cervix and that we can't cut it out, it is too big.  Telling them that they need to come into the hospital for a blood transfusion and maybe in a few weeks we might be able to send them to Lae to get radiation, that is if the radiation machine is working.

Healing is happening and lives are being changed, but pray that one day would come sooner rather than later.   Pray that the Holy Spirit would transform lives and that love would abound more and more; that forgiveness, grace and mercy would be ever present in our lives; that men would be faithful to their wives; that our supply of medicines for cancer and other diseases would be consistent; pray that more and more national staff would hear and accept the call to serve their own countryman at Kudjip and minister to them through healthcare.