Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A fight we can't win

2-3 months ago, before I went to the US, I found out that Ambane, a little kid with leukemia (ALL), was no longer in remission and his cancer was back.  I explained, as best I could to his loving family that his cancer was back and that we didn't have any other medicines to offer him.  It seemed like his mom understand what I was saying, even if he didn't.

After being gone for 2 months, Ambane and his mom came to my door a few days ago.  Ambane had changed so much in a short period of time, his belly was swollen, he was weak, he no longer had a smile on his face, he looked sick and in pain.  I knew just looking at him that we were losing the fight, that his cancer was winning and we weren't going to win this thing.  After examining him, his mom started talking and then started crying.  She was sure that when I got back I would be able to save her son.   She knew I had given him medicine before that had seemingly cured him and was hoping and praying that when I got back, I would be able to do the same.

My heart was breaking.  Breaking for Ambane, who for the past year and a half I watched fight his cancer and get to the point of regaining a normal life, and now won't be able to play with his brothers, won't be able to go to school and won't live for more than a month.  Breaking for his mom, who supports her family by selling produce at the market and would faithfully bring him to get his chemo each week, who was losing her son and yet didn't want to or couldn't accept it.  Breaking for the other Ambanes out there who I am treating for their cancer and are fighting a losing battle.

As my heart breaks, I can't help but cry out to the only Physician who can save Ambane and can save the other cancer patients, not through medicine, but through His love poured out to us through Jesus.  Please pray with me.