Thursday, November 19, 2015

He speaks

Thomas has been coming to see us every few months for the past few years.  Thomas has leukemia, but thankfully he has the kind of leukemia that can be put in remission by taking a few pills each day.  Ever since I have known Thomas, he hasn't spoken, he always comes in with someone else who does the talking.  Not only does the watchman do the talking, he also uses motions to talk to Thomas, to try and translate whatever questions we have for him.  Thomas has always had a big smile on his face, but I have never heard him speak.

He shows up this week to be seen again.  He was doing well and so I ordered a standard blood test on him.  A few minutes later he was standing outside my door with the lab slip.  I didn't understand why he was back without having gotten the lab done, and was trying to communicate with motions but it didn't seem to work.  Then HE SPOKE and I couldn't believe it.  I tried to ask him about speaking, saying I thought he was deaf, but he just kept talking.  The kid with him explained that he only hears whistling, but he can speak.  Thomas just kept talking, not knowing what we were saying or were asking him.  It was great to hear his voice.

I am thankful that the meds he takes are working and his leukemia is controlled as I would love to hear his voice for many months to come.