Thursday, November 12, 2015

Miles, water and balls

Watching Miles always brings a smile to my face.  His love for balls resonates within me, so when he says can we play baseball or "tennisball" or soccer, I can't help but say yes.  I love throwing balls to him and watching him hit them or even playing catch.  Outside of playing ball at my house, he also loves to play in water.  He  loves putting his hands in the water, his feet, and when able, his body.  Our drought has prevented Miles from getting to play in the water as much as he might like, but our recent rain fall has made it possible again.  

This past weekend, I managed to talk him out of jumping in all the puddles as we walked to my house.  Then as we were playing soccer and baseball it started to rain some, and we were both wet, so when he went to the bucket, I didn't stop him.  He started patting the water with his hands, then he lifted his leg and put his boot in enjoying them being filled up with water and them jumping in them.  Then he thought he should try and get even more wet, so when he stood in the bucket he tried to sit down, but the bucket was too small, so he got out and just leaned back and sat in the bucket and enjoyed his bucket bath.  

It is fun to be an Aunt.